Thursday, July 14, 2011

Rockabye Baby with Shell

Awhile back the amazing Shell hosted a link up party all for the moms & showing off their lovely baby bumps.    I loved it..  I love looking at maternity pictures.  I didn't participate because as much as I loved growing the little people, I had very few pictures taken during each pregnancy.
My lack of baby growing pictures is one of my only regrets so it's always the first piece of advice I give to a newly pregnant mom:  TAKE LOTS OF PICTURES OF THE BELLY!!

Anydiapers...  When Shell announced that she would be also hosting a follow-up party for pictures of the final product (the baby, Duh!),  I knew I had to be included.   Because in what I lack of pregnancy pictures, I more than make up for in newborn/baby/infant ones. 

Here's my first born.. I know there are much bigger babies than his 8 lbs, but to me?  It was huge.  He's one of those that never had a true growth spurt.  He started and just never stopped.


And here is one of me & hte little guy when he was 5ish months old.  It's one of my favorites.

You know how they say you never take as many pics of the second baby as you do the first?  Well, they're right.    And the ones I do have of N as a baby a stuck in a digital limbo on a scratched disc.  These are the few that I could find.

Much smaller than his brother (and 3 weeks early),  #2 weighed 6 lbs 11 oz.  After the monster baby, I thought this one was TINY. 


Thanks to the great invention of the digital camera, my third baby does not suffer from the same picture less fate as her brother.  There are literally hundreds of images of her sweet, fat face.

The smallest of the 3 at only 6 lbs, Cheeks wore preemie clothes until she was 8 weeks old.   She was always so small and compact.  It took her well over a year to  get to the 20 lbs mark.

jolie in tub


Very first Easter


and my very favorite: one month old

Can you tell who this little girl is??

Walking down memory lane in pictures sometimes makes my ovaries hurt.   Looking at the happy faces and sleeping babies makes it so easy to forget the teething, explosive diapers, sleepless nights,  unexplained fevers, colic...   The happy memories captured on film make it all seem like a dream.. One that I would do over again in a heart beat.


Jessica said...

So sweet! Isn't it funny how digital cameras have changed everything. I had to scan all of the pictures I put up of my oldest but just uploaded the ones of my little ones. All of your kids are adorable.

2 Frogs and a Princess said...

Awww! I can't go through any of my baby pics without crying! I hate that that newborn stage goes so fast. We have 2 boys and a girl and are trying to decide if we are done. I can't imagine not ever having another little infant breathing sweetly on my neck while we rock the night away! :-(

The Random Blogette said...

I love them! Your kids are so adorable. I didn't take any pics of my pregnant belly until the end and I regret it so much. My daughter was only 5lb 7oz so I understand the whole preemie clothes situation. She is still really tiny now. At almost 6 years old she barely weights 40 lbs.

Anita said...

So cute! Digital cameras are a wonderful thing!

Shell said...

Such darling pics! I love that one of you and your oldest!

MiMi said...

Holy crap, your baby picture looks A LOT like your kiddos!!! Those are all wonderful baby photos, Nat! :)

KLZ said...

Those are some amazingly good looking children.

Missy @ Wonder, Friend said...

First, I'm sorry - I've been the lamest commenter ever. I've been around to speed-read posts, but in general I've been a horrible bloggy friend!!

Your site looks great, by the way!

And those babies? Heavenly. So, so cute!

Ms Bibi said...

Look at all those beautiful really puts a smile on my face.

Visiting from SITS.

misssrobin said...

Beautiful baby pictures. I remember my kids being small and sweet like that. It seems like an eternity ago.

When we had our kids, we were too poor to own a camera or to get film developed. We have some but not nearly as many as would be available these days with digital. It is amazing how things change.

Stopping by from SITS. I hope it's a great day for you.

Elisa @ Globetrotting in Heels said...

oh my goodness, your kids are all so gorgeous! Though I have to admit that I have a soft spot for the way your third baby's eyes sparkle!! Now you are making my ovaries hurt too ;-)

Amanda said...

So adorable! And I agree! I totally wish I had more pictures of my pregnant belly, now that I've decided not to have any more kids!

Tonya W. said...

So cute... every last one. I especially love the one of you with your eldest lying in the grass.