Friday, October 16, 2015

Friday Five

What better way to get back into the swing of blogging then an easy peasy list of Friday Faves.


Yesterday, my sweet Cheeks turned the big 1-0.  She's double digits and is spent the whole day reminding me it now takes TWO WHOLE HANDS to show how old she is.

She requested ribs as her birthday dinner.  We picked some up from our favorite place and invited family over.  She FINALLY decided on what she wanted to do with her friends so the real party will happen in a few weeks.


Our town's football team has a big game tomorrow.  It's an ESPN game which is  BIG DEAL around here considering just a few years ago, we had one of the worst programs in the country.

The downside is that kick off is at 11am.  It doesn't leave much time for tailgating, but I'm sure we'll figure something out.


the boy is loving college.  I miss him terribly, but knowing he's enjoying himself makes it easier.


one of our dear friends has a milestone birthday this weekend.  we're celebrating with beers, brunch and lot of laughs.


the weather FINALLY feels like fall outside.  The high is low 70's and tomorrow?  will only reach 65.  Time to break out the scarfs and boots.  And light a pumpkin candle.

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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Graduation Party 2015

I've been planning this graduation party for no less than 2 years.   It gave me an outlet for when I became emotional.  My pinterest boards and to-do lists went a little over board. 

The post is basically a photo dump of all the decorations from the day.   I wish I had been better about taking pictures with actual people, but I was too busy enjoying the party to think about photo ops. 

Here's the mantle.  I made a banner of pictures spanning his whole life.   And the large mat on top was all of my favorite senior pictures. 

Entry table

A wreath I made for the front door 

Yard sign from Oriental Trading

Close up of the cake and cupcakes 

Sweets table

Close up of the cookies

Card and gift table-- I used a vintage suitcase borrowed from a friend.  And another photo collage that used to be in his bedroom.  

To go along with the year theme, I covered our artwork with brown paper and added the graduation year.

Centerpieces for tables outside-- Tables sprinkled in graduation confetti and Mason jars filled with shredded paper and graduation year pennants.

Opening gifts-- game night is something we take very seriously in this house.  There are Monopoly tournaments that last for HOURS.  The kid has shared his obsession with his friends and they oven stay up all night playing the game.  I thought it only fitting to gift him his own set to take with him to college.

Last year, I saw on facebook where a friend gave her a son a copy of, "Where ever You Are My Love Will Find You"  as a graduation gift because he would be leaving in the fall.  I made a mental note about what a sweet idea that was.   The week before our graduation I found myself in Barnes & Noble looking for the book.  I had also considered, "The Giving Tree" because always thought the story was about a mother's love for her child.   I did what any book lover would do when they can't decide, I bought both.   And I know he won't appreciate or understand the simpleness of the gift, but I think one day he'll pull them off his shelf and know how much I love him.  Probably when his own child is graduating and moving away. 

Friday, June 5, 2015

What I've Been Up To

I've missed this space.  The writing of thoughts and sharing of moments.  Every day I've meant to open a blank post and get started again, but then something comes up or the urge passes.  
But today I was determined to get back on the blogging train. 
Some of things you have missed {unless you follow me on Instagram} are::

We got a pug puppy.  Her name is Lily and she's quite the handful 

My middle boy turned 16

Cheeks donated 11 inches of hair.  Again. 

Friends had sweet new babies for me to snuggle 

Our kitchen was completely renovated. 

The oldest graduated high school. 

I took the new graduate to his first concert. 

Hopefully, I'll keep up my end of the bargain and dedicate whole posts to these.  
Have yall been busy?