Tuesday, December 9, 2014

We Gobbled Until We Wobbled

I"m FINALLY getting my Turkey Day recap posted.  Now that we're smack dab in the middle of Christmas choas, but I figured it's better late than never.
Thanksgiving was fairly low key this year.  We all met at my aunt's house for a lunch.

We watched football.    We laughed about whatever cute the kids were doing.

Basically, we just had a good day.

This was an attempt at getting a family picture for our Christmas card.  This is also what happens when your husband is rushing everyone around instead of letting his wife take the lead and position everyone.  

This kid?  Is so close to being 18.  I wonder if he knows how much I adore him?

And in the first time since I can remember, I didn't step foot in a store for any Black Friday shopping. Instead, we hung out with some of my favorite in laws making the annual polish sausage.  

Monday, November 24, 2014

Winter Formal 2014

Both boys went to their winter formal this weekend. Originally, Andrew wasn't going to attend but at the last minute a friend asked if he would go with her because she found herself without a date.  

I had dreams of snapping a picture with both of my boys dressed in their tuxes, but because of prior obligations I wasn't home when the oldest left to meet his friends.   The good husband he is, Joe went in my place and snapped a few pictures for me.    And because Nathan wasn't leaving for another couple of hours, I didn't even get a shot of just the two boys.   

The pictures I do have are great though.  

This was Nathan's first high school dance.  And it was his first big date with his girlfriend.   He was so cute worrying about if the corsage was going to match and where they were going for dinner.  

I was trying to get a few pictures of just him, but like normal he was not amused or wanting to cooperate.  

And then he saw the girl walk in the front door.  Can you tell a difference in his face?  I think he's a little smitten.    Jolie was playing 20 questions and asked if they'd had their first kiss yet.  Nathan, answered sarcastically with a "No.  We've only dated 4 months."  She believed him and later made the comment that she wondered if Nathan and his date had their first kiss tonight at the dance.  

One boy got home a little before midnight and the other was allowed to stay out until 2 am.  A group of the seniors met up for breakfast afterwards at a house.  It killed me not to have him home earlier, but he's a good kid.  Plus, what's going to happen next year when he's in a dorm?  I can't give him a curfew then.  

Friday, November 21, 2014

Heavier than Heaven-- book review

I jumped at the chance to borrow my friend's copy of this book to read on vacation.

I don't typically read biographies, but every so often I'll find one that sparks my interest.  

Being a teen in the 90s, Nirvana was played often on my radio.  It plays a heavy part in the soundtrack of my youth.  I remember sitting in my room watching the video for "Teen Spirit" for the first time and thinking that these guys? Just get it. They weren't writing silly teeny bopper songs, but knew how hard life was during those hormone filled years.  
There are people who will argue that Nirvana was one of those bands that forever changed the face of music.   I would tend to agree. 
To date- both Nevermind and theirUnplugged  albums are still two of my favorites.   

Which is probably why I enjoyed the book so much.  It was like getting a glimpse into the backstage of Kurt's life during those days. 

The author interviewed the remaining members of the band, Kurt's grandfather, several family members and friends.   All in all, it covers 400 interviews and 4 years of research.  He was given access to Kurt's journals that Courtney Love had held on to all of these years as well as several other collections of their papers stored in trash bags.  It traces the musician's past back to the troubled youth in a double wide trailer to his drug induced haze of rock n roll fame.

Knowing this book was NOT going to have a happy ending made me dread getting to the final chapters.   So much of me wanted to be able to rewrite history so that Kurt never left the mental hospital and never bought the gun.    Several questions were answered, but at the same time I was left with just as many "what-ifs."

If you're a fan of Nirvana, I highly recommend this biography.  It was thoroughly researched and  extremely well-written.  Cross is not only a talented author, but also a fan.  I couldn't put the book down even though I already knew the ending.

I also found this article from Rolling Stone magazine interviewing the author when he released his second book about Cobain and his research into the biography.