Friday, August 8, 2014

Third, Tenth and Twelfth

With summer coming to an end that can only mean on thing-- school's ready to start back.   We bought more supplies, picked out first day outfits and new shoes.  
Believe it or not, even the boys were happy to be starting back into the normal routine.   

And as much as we were getting on each other's nerves, I'm going to miss these faces hanging out with me all day.  That just means we'll appreciate our weekends even more, right? 

Third Grade
Jolie is going into 3rd grade and is thrilled about the idea of doing more multiplication and learning cursive.   We got the teacher we hoped for and can't wait for this year. 

her "Peter Pan" pose

High School Kids

Pretty soon, N is going to catch up to his brother

Sophomore Year--  no longer the youngest in the school..    I would be money on the highlight of this kid's year will be the big birthday he will be celebrating. 

And since having his braces removed, he's much more willing to smile showing those pearly whites. 

Senior Year--  my first born baby is starting his last year of high school.  There are no words for how I feel about this.   Every time I start to think about it, I tear up.   So, I'll do what any mother does-- think about it later.
I asked him to smile showing his teeth and this is what I got.  Handsome but scary. 
this is the "are you done yet" face

Monday, August 4, 2014

Is this thing on?

Not sure if any of you have noticed, but I've been a little MIA this summer.  It seems to happen every year when the weather heats up.   Maybe I should make a note and just start actually taking a scheduled break instead of just disappearing.

We had a to-do list of things we wanted to accomplish while out of school.  Nothing fancy, just the typical things like movies, ice cream treats and a few trips.  My to-do list is a happy one because we marked everything off!

Movies were watched at our theater's summer series, milk shakes were enjoyed from a local restaurant my hubs went to as a kid and of course, we spent a lot of weekends at the lake.

But our care free lazy days are over since today is our first day of school.   I officially have a third grader, Sophomore and a high school Senior.   How did they get so big?

Monday, July 14, 2014

Oh the places you'll go

Planning our anniversary trip has been no easy task.  There are lots of places I wanna go, several I want to return to and not enough money to do it all.

The trip won't be on our actual anniversary because we have two weddings to attend that weekend-- one is on my birthday and the other is on Joe's.   That also cuts out the big party I wanted to throw to celebrate our decade of marriage because 1- the weekend is booked and 2- all of our friends will also be busy with the weddings.

Regardless of when we get to go,  the destination needs to be somewhere amazing.  Actually, it probably doesn't.  I would be content sitting in a chair on a patio with this guy as long as we're together, but going to new places is always fun.

Some of the cities we've talked about visiting are::

Boston, Mass

Neither of us have ever been to Boston.  I've heard great things about the tourist stuff.  Plus, I have a thing for the accent.


I've taken both boys to visit our nation's capital, but I've always gone solo so Joe has never visited.  It's one of my favorite cities and I think he would love it.    And the last time we went to NYC, it was only for the day so I was thinking we could split the week between DC and NY.  

                Napa/ San Fran

I've said for years that I wanted to spend our 10th Anniversary in Napa.  Add to the fact that neither of us have ever gone to San Francisco and this seems to be in the lead for where we'll go but it isn't a definite.  

Anyone have any suggestions for places to stay or a city to visit?  I'm all ears.